Period Foods

What to and what not to eat during Periods

Periods for sure are the most awful days of a women. The natural process of shedding of uterine lining often causes mood swings, boalting, craving for junk, fatigue, diarrhea etc. However, eating right during those days of the month can help you to boost your energy level and relax your mood swings thus, leading to Happy Periods in literal sense.

Foods that will make you feel good during menstruation

Foods that will make you feel good during menstruation

1. Water

Give up on those caffeine rich and carbonated drinks during the tricky menstrual days. The best bet of every women during those days is H2O (water). It will help keeping yourself suitably hydrated and keep body minerals intact. Include herbal tea in the diet to satisfy your beverage cravings.

2. Stuff your foods with iron rich food

Blood eliminated during menstruation often lowers the iron content of the body. So make sure you include food loaded with iron such as tomatoes, potatoes, spinach, lentils and the alike in your diet. Feed your body with just what is essential and boost your energy level.

3. Treat your taste buds with Fishes

Salmon and Tuna fish are a rich source of omega-3 and other fatty acids which relaxes your body muscles and makes those painful cramps less severe. Olive oil, nuts and avocados are also a rich source of these healthy fats that are good for your heart and also give menstrual relief.

4. Fibrous foods

Fibrous veggies such as broccoli and fruits should be accommodated in your diet during periods. Green fibrous vegetable supply required vitamins and minerals, and fresh fruits fulfill the sugar requirement of the body. Catch on the fruits like figs, watermelon, plums etc and help revitalize yourself while you are menstruating.

5. Magnesium and Calcium intake

Magnesium rich diet helps you ease water retention and handle mood swings more efficiently. Also, dairy as well as non diary supplements of calcium alleviate menstrual discomfort to a great extent.

Ease your menstrual pain by avoiding these foods

Ease your period pain by avoiding these foods

1. Processed food

Controlling salt intake helps in avoiding heavy feeling and boalting that comes free with periods. Processed food is stuffed with lot of sodium (salt) which increases your suffering during those 5 days you are menstruating.

2. Fatty food

Minimizing on food containing trans fat ease your periods. High fat food, effect hormonal action in the body thereby making your period worse. Food that contains hydrogenated vegetable oil amounts to high fatty acid food. (onion rings, french fries, beef, burger etc.) Avoid these and you can reduce your menstrual pain considerably.

3. Caffeine content in your diet

Caffeinated food such as coffee,tea,chocolate etc. stimulates menstrual pain and induces breast tenderness, anxiety which make the situation worse. Hence, make your periods easy, by limiting the intake of caffeinated food and beverages.

4. Food with high sugar content

Hormonal changes induces sugar craving in many women while they are menstruating. However, eating sugary food leads to imbalanced blood sugar level thereby, contributing to mood swings, fatigue and at times tension. Thus the best bet is avoid having chocolates, doughnuts and have low fat yogurt with fresh fruits to treat your sweet tooth.

5. Say no to Alcohol

Having alcohol during those 5 days of periods makes it more difficult. The ingredients of alcohol act as blood thinner making your periods highly dis-comfortable by increasing your flow. Stay away from alcohol and have a happy period enjoying herbal beverages.

These minor eating adjustment while in periods will help you cheat that one week of each month and live healthy and happy.

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