Recipe to a Perfect Headline

There are people who love to write and there are those who love to read. But the real problem is how do we connect these two types.

Internet is full of blogs and articles, rich in content. The problem then suddenly shifts from the content, to getting the ‘ranking’ or ‘relevance’ of your post to show on top of the search ‘results’. The trick here is a perfect headline to help search engines distinguish good posts from bad posts. Good content and authority help, but a perfect headline is like a disarming spell and makes your content stand ‘up’ amongst others.

Good writers spend considerable time and thought to write an enticing headline. Here is a great infographic on how to create the perfect headline for your post:

perfect headline recipe

Source : Quick Sprout

Components of a Perfect Headline

Here is a quick sum up on the above infographic to help create a perfect meaningful headline for your content.

  • Short and simple is the key. Headline is like a window to a article. A sneak peak into the content. Try limiting it within 6 words.
  • Use Adjectives for a riveting title. It lends both beauty and effectiveness to the title. Captures the attention.
  • Use negative wordings sometimes. Stirs curiosity in the minds of the reader. Don’t overdo it.
  • Use numbers and figures where ever possible. Helps in quantifying the content. Figures are easy to remember and recollect.
  • Personalize it, whenever the content permits. It lends the illusion of personal one-to-one conversation with your reader.
  • Be specific. Use key words representing the content. It should speak about the content to follow. Vague titles are illegible and undermine the content.
  • Avoid ambiguity. Creates confusion. Avoid titles which can be interpreted in ways which causes confusion. Except for may be when you are writing gossip columns for tv or film industry.

Do you agree with the above infographic? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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