Get notified for your site down-time with these 8 free services

Don’t you hate it when your site or blog goes down, even if it is for just a few minutes? Just thinking about losing all the readers when my site is down, gives me headache.

Every site down-time means lost readership, loss of people’s trust in my site as well as google crawlers unable to crawl the site content. This may also lead to further problems like google decreasing my site’s value in search results.

To understand the root cause of my site down time and take actions, I need to be online when it happens. This is nearly impossible as I cannot just sit there and keep on refreshing my own site all the time. 🙂

Thankfully, there are free services where we can sign-up and submit the sites that we want to monitor. Once submitted, these free services will monitor the site 24 x 7 and will send a notification whenever the site goes down. I strongly advise anyone running a website or blog to sign up for one of these services to gain more insight into your site’s uptime and downtime. I have included the details of their free plan in this post.

Free Uptime Monitoring Services

1. Uptime Robot

uptime robot notify site down

Uptime Robot is a completely FREE service (with no paid plans) for monitoring the uptime of your sites. Built by 2 designers/developers in 2010 who think that web must be free or cheap. They plan to keep this service free in the future as well.

Number of Sites: 50
Check frequency: Every 5 minutes
Alerts: Email, SMS, Twitter, Web Hooks, Push

2. Jetpack Monitor


Jetpack Monitor is a free service by Automattic for sites running on WordPress. If you have Jetpack installed, you can turn on the Monitor module from the Jetpack settings and then Jetpack Monitor will keep tabs on your site every 5 minutes and alert you when site downtime is detected.

Number of Sites: Unlimited (Jetpack connected WordPress sites)
Check frequency: Every 5 minutes
Alerts: Email

3. Pingdom


Pingdom is a premium uptime monitoring service and is used by many for its detailed reporting and support for doing root cause analysis. It also offers a free plan which is limited to 1 site but is feature rich.

Number of Sites: 1
Check frequency: 1 minute (controlled by user)
Alerts: SMS, Twitter, Email, iOS and Android app notifications

4. InternetSeer


InternetSeer boasts to be world’s largest uptime monitoring service. Apart from performing an hourly check of your website, they also send out a weekly report of your site’s uptime.

Number of Sites: 1
Check frequency: 1 hour
Alerts: Email and SMS

5. Site24x7


Site24x7 provides services like website monitoring, web application monitoring, web page analyzer and many more. Their free plan includes the following:

Number of Sites: 5
Check frequency: 10 mins.
Alerts: Email


6-site-monitor-us is a free plan of otherwise paid service Monitis. With, you get free website monitoring, full page load monitoring and few other basic features along with 24 hour monitoring history.

Number of Sites: 1
Check frequency: 30 mins.
Alerts: Email, SMS, IM, voice alerts

7. Uptime Spy


Ultimate Spy is a feature rich website monitoring service which provides you with Uptime reports along with downtime notifications.

Number of Sites: 1
Check frequency: 1 min.
Alerts: Email

8. Binary Canary


Binary Canary is another uptime monitoring service offering a free plan to take control of your site’s downtime.

Number of Sites: 5
Check frequency: 15 mins.
Alerts: Email

While there are many more services that can monitor and send notification when your site goes down, I have included only the ones that offer free service for at least 1 website (not just free trials). Whether you use a free service or a paid one, having an external service to keep a tab on uptime of your site is crucial for having peace of mind.

Personally, I make use of Jetpack Monitor as most of my sites run on WordPress and just an email notification is fine for me. On my other sites which are not running on WordPress, I use Pingdom. In past I have used InternetSeer as well. I found all the three services to be reliable.

Do you make use of an uptime monitoring service for your site? What are your experiences with their service? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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