5 most essential skills for professional growth

5 Most Essential Skills You Need For Professional Growth

Competition is keen for all professionals, no matter what industry you are in. A good college education is necessary in most instances, but it is not enough in itself. After all, you are still only one of the many qualified individuals. You need every bit of help to stand out in the crowd, whether you are applying for a position or jockeying for a better one.

Here are the top modern skills needed for professional growth and that might come in handy along the way.

1. Resume writing

Resume writing

Resume writing is a skill. Any Tom, Dick, or Harry can fill up a form, but knowing what to put in your resume to highlight your best assets for a job is challenging. You should be aware that your resume is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Think of it as being the key that opens the doors to where you want to be. If the key does not fit, the door will not open. You need to tailor fit your resume for the job you want. If you have no idea how to do it, or you have already failed to secure a job or promotion because your resume sucks, you might want to get help from professional resume writing and editing services to market your skills. It is a very small investment that will pay huge dividends.

2. Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Most employers like people who have a positive and can-do attitude. Gone are the days when you could simply “get by” on your credentials and accomplishments, and stay in your bubble of entrenchment. You need to work hard to get your people skills as much as your academic credentials.

If you really want to advance in your career (and to keep your job, for that matter), your interpersonal skills and the ability to grow with the company can get you there. Form networks among your colleagues and cultivate an interest in everything that is happening in the world and in your work. Things are changing very fast, and you might find yourself out of a job if you are not a team player.

3. Written and Oral Communication

Oral and written communication

You cannot get anything done well if you don’t have great communication skills. You should be able to convey what you want or need in a convincing manner, whether it is to get a water cooler for the office floor, selling a product to customer, or asking a raise. You can become an accomplished speaker by learning to organize your thoughts, expanding your vocabulary, and constantly practicing.

It is not enough that you can express yourself verbally, though. You should also beef up on your writing skills to create well written, logical, grammatically correct, concise, and informative documents that will help you get noticed. If you have to, take writing courses to improve your skills, or be inspired from samples of business writing from Assignmentmasters team to get you started.

4. Exceptional Planning


One of the first things an employer asks during a job interview is where the applicant sees himself or herself five years from now. That is because most people are content with taking it one day at a time, and from paycheck to paycheck this shortsightedness is not a trait of a professional that will last very long, no matter how brilliant they are. Good planning will help you head off problems and crises at work, that is more valuable than any inspired moves in damage control.

It is not as exciting, but you will save a fortune on antacids.

5.  Productivity and Efficiency


Employers and clients love it when you get a job done right and on time, even more so when you do it ahead of time. It gives you much job satisfaction when your hard work gets acknowledgement, and it makes you very valuable to your bosses. Any professional wants that. However, the key to productivity is efficiency, and you can only be efficient if you are organized.

Most people are not, but organizational skills can be acquired quite easily if you are willing to put in the work. Many resources are available on how to organize your life. It will take time, but if you learn the steps and make it a part of your mindset, your productivity will increase tenfold.

Professional success is not an accident of birth or genetics. All the skills you need to achieve success are attainable if you put your mind and resources to it.

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