Social Media Image Sizes - A Complete Guide

Social Media Image Sizes – A Complete Guide

“Pictures speak louder than words’ is a very famous saying we all believe and practice being digital content creators. The scientific reason behind this is- our brain process pictures 60,000 times faster than text. Also it has been observed that our attention span has become even shorter than a Goldfish all thanks to Social Media. In fact, it would not be wrong, if we say that potential impact of images are far more deeper and wider than plain text. To take advantage of such an effect, digital marketers have started embracing visual content strategy to attract readers – which surely paid off!

Earlier merely including images in your articles fetched you large number of readers but, the same isn’t true in present market situation. There’s so much that needs to be considered in current social media than simply including images. The height, width, shape, size and all other elements needs to be taken care of before sharing anything on social networks. Optimizing images to suit the brand or business or personal profile is a must to reap complete advantages of visuals.

Images these days should not only attract readers, but must be appealing enough to persuade the reader to share and spread it across social channels. For this, it is essential that the visuals shared by you does not get clip and fit the layouts and displays across all platforms to serve the purpose they are meant for. The better you are able to project your images the better they would be remembered and made communal. Also check the best time to publicize on social media to grab maximum reader attention.

This info-graphics by Setupblogtoday will assist you with best social media image sizes and types for different platforms, be it Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and the alike. It also helps you decide the type of photo to be shared on what platform.

2015 Social Media Image Size Guide

By the team at Start A Blog Today 

Follow this simple definitive guide to select the most appropriate image sizes for your different social media platforms and make your pictures show-up completely over social networks and increase your chances of becoming viral.

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