5 Free Blogging Platforms to Start a New Blog in 2015

Do you wish to have your own blog and want to start one in 2015? In this post we list top 5 blogging platforms which will let you create your own blog at no cost. These blogs have been selected based on their popularity in the year 2015.

Blogging is a great way to express yourself, to motivate yourself to learn new things and share them, and to showcase your work to the world. You don’t have to be a professional writer to have a blog. A personal blog is all about being yourself.


Free blogging platforms such as the ones listed below, are a great way to start a blog if you are new to the blogosphere. Choosing a free blogging platform which provides you a ready to use setup of blog will help you in starting fast without having to worry about all the technical aspects like web hosting, domains, software that power blogs such as a CMS (content management systems) etc. Let’s look at some of the top options we have in 2015 where we can start a new blog.

Free Blogging Platforms

1. Tumblr


Tumblr is a mix of blogging platform as well as social networking. Owned by Yahoo, Tumblr boasts more than 221 million blogs hosted with its platform. The reason of Tumblr’s popularity is it’s ease of use, support for multiple text and media formats (photos, music, GIFs, videos and more), and availability of native apps on iOS, Andorid and Windows Phone.

If you plan to blog mostly from your smartphone, then Tumblr is the best option available for you to blog and share your thoughts in 2015.

2. Medium


Medium is a blog publishing platform which mixes the idea of blogging with social journalism. Medium is not only a great place to get your content quickly to a large set of audience but is also useful in finding new and relevant articles that others are publishing on various topics. Medium is loved for its focus on writing and clutter-free content.

Medium is a good place to start if you are going to be writing content rich posts and want it to be quickly discovered by others who share common interests.

3. WordPress


WordPress is not only a blogging platform but a rich Content Management System, which can power sites from simple blogs to giant e-commerce websites. Due to its vast reach (over 23% sites are powered by WordPress) and big community, you can always find answer to what you may be looking for, when you need one, from others.

WordPress.com lets you create a hassle free WordPress blog on their own servers and also offers a bunch of themes and customization plugins to choose from. I would recommend WordPress to you, if you want simplicity of blogging mixed with power of customization. You may even want to consider a self-hosted WordPress blog in this case as it will allow even more customization & control over your blog. However don’t go towards self hosting yet, and start with a free blog first to get to know the WordPress blogging basics.

4. Blogger

blogger-free-googleBlogger from Google, is another blogging platform which is preferred by new as well as experienced bloggers. Powered with Google’s services such as Google+, Google AdSense and native Android app, you will feel at home if you love Google and its services and platforms.

I would certainly recommend Blogger as a free starting blogging platform to you, if you want to make some money on the side too apart from running a casual or professional blog.

5. Facebook & Google+

This may be surprising to you as why I have included Facebook & Google+ in list of blogging platforms. But don’t forget that what we want is a free platform that allows us to express ourselves and let our words reach out to others. Facebook & Google+ already allow you to write your thoughts, post and share your albums and much more. Facebook even provides a Write a Note option which is much similar to blogging experience.


Many people use Facebook & Google+ as their blogging platform as it takes away the burden of managing yet another account as well as hassle of learning a new platform. However, all this ease comes at a price and that is lack of any kind of customization or inability to write in-depth and rich media articles. In case you want to blog casually, just want to express your opinions and thoughts to friends and colleagues with a possibility of them re-sharing your content to others, go ahead and use your favorite social network itself.

There you go, our list of free blogging platforms for the year 2015. Having tried all these blogging platforms myself over the year, I have also included my personal opinion with their description. My opinion will let you know when I would personally recommend a particular blogging platform to you, depending upon your choice and preferences.

So, which blogging platform will you pick to start a new blog? Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you need more advice on choosing a blogging platform for yourself. Also make sure to follow Super Blogging Resources to get regular advice, tips and free resources on blogging.

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