Stay in Vogue with the Brightest Web Design Trends for 2017

Stay in Vogue with the Brightest Web Design Trends for 2017

For today, owning a website doesn’t seem to be a hard thing, so anyone may create their own online store, blog or gallery with the help of well documented, ready-made thematic templates… Still, it’s important to be unique! All in all, now your priority task means to build an inimitable site that will look sparkling among all the huge variety of web stores.

Sounds too much serious?

Don’t be afraid as this article was made in order to assist you with the creation of an exclusive website that will undoubtedly increase the popularity and further the development of your business.

Still sounds too much serious? Well, that’s because we are serious guys. In a word, we are going to kill your rivals!

During all the last centuries recent trends have been the most valid and unpredictable thing that people were looking for, as everyone wanted to be on the first place in his deal. Talking about a web design, being trendy would be quite important and even advantageous decision for the creation and further prosperity of your own project. Moreover, with the help of the newest resources you are able to do it with no effort!

So, are you ready your web store to be one and only? In this case, leave us all the dirty work!

And while this process is in progress, don’t hesitate to check the list below as it describes the most brilliant and useful website trends for the next year.

Amazing Performance of Your Website

Needless to say, the performance of your business will always be one of the most significant things, especially when we are talking about a quick development of an online store, advertisement website, informational blog or other kind of an eCommerce site. In this case, using the recent versions of TemplateMonster themes will definitely be a great choice for you!

Reason one: Mobile-First Design

As you may know, nowadays all the cell phones are multi-functional, so people mostly use them during the day in order to find a desired information on the internet. Undoubtedly, the using of such comfortable gadgets saves people’s time as well as allows to pass the time while you are in the metro or a traffic jam.

Mobile First

Historically, a bigger part of all the web designers as well as their customers has approached the desktop side of any project on a first place and treated the mobile part as a secondary goal that may be completed later. Moreover, even with the appearance of an easy-in-use responsive design, you can see that people still begin the building of their websites with the full size version. Sounds old-fashion, doesn’t it?

Just take a look at the screaming numerals below to see the main reason of using the mobile-first design.

Mobile Web Users

As the name of the service says, mobile-first design is the process of site designing for a small screened devices and then working up to the larger desktop version for bigger gadgets. As a result, you get an awesome, powerful website, which works perfectly in all the browsers and on all the devices. Without a doubt, mobile-first design certainly became a fast growing website trend.

Wondering why would one ever approach their project this way? Yep, these numerals again! Below are three simple reasons that show us the pluses of using mobile-first design strategy.

  1. As it was already mentioned, for today there are nearly 1.2 billion mobile users.
  2. Furthermore, mobile applications have been downloaded nearly 11 billion times!
  3. In addition, the sales of mobile devices increase every day. Thus, now it’s across the board with over 85 percent of recent cells that allow their users to access the mobile web.

Generally, this useful feature will definitely save your time, so you may spend it in realizing your brave ideas or having some rest before the new achievements.

Reason two: Responsive-Based Websites

Responsive Web design

Frankly speaking, not each of us is a coding guru or a professional website designer, but everyone desires his online project to be strong, dynamic and good-looking without spending a mint of money. How can you do it?

To start with, a responsive design is basically an approach to create a website with the help of Cascading Style Sheets media queries and flexible, pre-loaded layouts. Additionally, the feature works hand-in-hand with the mobile-first design. In this case, the first one creates the experience and the look of your site, when the last one realizes it. As a result, you get another opportunity for your online project to be ideally displayed on the devices that have various sizes.

Not sure if your current website has a good-looking mobile version? Be free to use this link to make a free mobile-friendly test.

In addition, another undeniable plus of using responsive themes in order to create a long-awaited website is the fact that it allows one to pay just for a single online project building. Moreover, don’t forget that your website will still effectively transport any type of content on mobile phones as well as on the tablet, laptops or the big-screened desktops.

In a word, if you are the one who is looking for an opportunity to quickly build a well adoptive and reliable online project, we sincerely recommend you to check responsive WordPress themes. Without a doubt, there is shown a great selection of intense, responsive website templates that were created and diligently designed for your comfort by the well known shark of website building – TemplateMonster. Naturally, all the themes have a list of the pre-build patterns that will definitely help you to get the desired results and even more!

Responsive Theme


Simplicity Is Always In Vogue

Finally, let’s talk about beauty as we made a deep discovery in order to assist you during the process of becoming the happy owner of a truly trendy website. For this simple reason, we prepared for you a list of several easy but quite important items that would surely be motivating and even helpful for you.

Are you interested?

Let’s remind Mr. Churchill, who said to the world: ‘All the great things are simple, and many could be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.’ Well said! It’s such a pity that Sir Winston knew nothing about the definition of ‘Flat Design’ or ‘Parallax Effect’! Otherwise, I bet we would unquestionably add these phrases into his famous list of the great but simple things.

Flat Design

As you may know, flat design is a minimalist user interface design approach that mostly provides usability, but now we are talking more than just about it! Nowadays, flat design is a popular appearance of a modern website, which consists of amazing images, unbelievable color palette and cute, unique web fonts. It features clean, open space and crisp edges. All the mentioned features will absolutely emphasize the subject of your business and transform your online project into a masterpiece. As you can see, there is nothing redundant.

Needless to say, it makes much easier to design an interface, which is responsive to changes in a browser size across the different devices.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Still, you won’t be left alone as we propose you more than 800 themes that were made with love. Built with a valid, semantic code the templates are easy to use and bring you an opportunity to start your career just out-of-the-box and get an outstanding, stylish website with no effort.

Still believe that flat design is something about a prehistorical version of Windows? Leave your doubts while checking these marvelous examples below.


Although the beauty of your website will surely catch your visitors’ eye, don’t forget about its’ functionality! Who said that the online store can’t be both gorgeous and powerful? Can’t see the problem! In view of this fact here are our fresh website templates to serve you. As a result, you get a worthy of attention website, because true fashion has quite simple recipe, which means exquisiteness plus convenience.

High-quality Pictures

Here is another option that will always be in trend. Don’t forget to use the images with high quality as it will be a good addition to the well done template of your website that will unquestionably charm its’ quests and transform them into the potential customers in an easy way.

Extreme Colors

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the performance of your website on the way to your dream! Express yourself as much as you can, as now you are able to do it with the help of a huge variety of different website themes that were created in order to ease your task.

Scream about your service! For this simple reason, stay brave in your ideas and use the wide palette of super rich shades. Without a doubt, such decision would be a wise one for the design of your website, since it will quickly attract the attention of your potential clients.

To be clear, we’re not talking about blatant themes. The main idea of this paragraph is to inspire you for some bright changes that will make your website look notable but still elegant and attractive. Don’t believe that there things may be successfully combined? Just take a closer look at a perfect example of a colorful but graceful site below!


Don’t hesitate! Go and try new possibilities and move away from the old, boring rules of website creation!

Parallax Effect

Would you like your website to become brighter? This amazing feature will certainly help you! Originally, parallax scrolling is a fairy recent web design trend, which involves background moving at a slower rate to the foreground and creates a miraculous 3D effect when you are scrolling the page.

In a word, this graphical effect gives the user a sense of a delightful depth and motion. Although the technique was created several years ago to be used in video games, today this trendy option is one of the most desired and indispensable functions, as it makes your website look modern and attracts your customer’s attention, because:

  1. With this technique your company is able to create a clean and inviting information path and guide the guests of the website through it with all the possible and impossible beauty.
  2. An attractive design of your online project will definitely show results of a longer visitors time on the site that increase the website traffic on a whole.
  3. In addition, the parallax scrolling is suitable not only for a two-dimensional creation. Furthermore, it may be also used as a nice way to add some effects to your website. For example, icon enlargement, moving or minimization that are easily based on scrolling.

As s result, you get a website, which looks cool, stylish and creative in one package.

GIFs and Animations

Don’t you think that such cute things as GIFs and animations can attract the guests of your website?

Here is a small but successful tip for you: alive your online project with fun! Show people that your business is not only about sales and numerals. Here we are serious guys, not you, remember?

Be free to use 3D-effect and cool animation in order to interest your visitors! Moreover, with the help of these items you can literally bring the design of your website to the next, more professional level.

Still have some doubts?

Just to illustrate, how people will treat your site if you are going to use a little bit of enjoyable animation:

…and here are your rivals:

As a result, you get a possibility to continue sharing your story with the customers in a quit fascinating way.

Let’s summarize. Below is the list, which includes some aspects that will positively help you to make an original website.

  1. As it was already written, beautiful, unique and sparkling typography will definitely attract the attention of your visitors and allow you to tell your story with all the novelty.
  2. Authentic photography and high-quality pictures make the other way to catch one’s eye. With their help you can easily present your products and transform your website into a candy at the same time.
  3. In addition, don’t forget to impress your visitors using wide color schemes, animations, GIFs, 3D-effect or attractive images that will be pasted right in the menu!

Using Videos

Speaking about entertainment, today’s technologies allow you to introduce your service with the help of using videos. Thus, you may add to your website any media that you want. Moreover, till now you can do it even with the menu of your online project!

Needless to say, the media is a thing, which quickly takes over the internet, so it would be a good idea for the marketing purposes. With its’ help your products and ideas will be widespread in different social media in one click!

Well, it was suggested on the Hubspot that by 2018, nearly 80 percent of all the user internet traffic will be media. Furthermore, it was also discovered that more than 50 percent of a whole mobile traffic is already relates to videos.

Don’t hesitate to use some creative, colorful and informative videos for your website! As a result, you get an easy method for the introducing of your products. Additionally, such step will surely save your customers’ time.

All in all, well made videos always look like an appropriate part of any website, don’t they?

By the way, don’t miss out YouTube channel if you would like to get more details about website building, using guides, different templates reviews and other supportive information as all of our videos were created to help you during the process of eCommerce website building.

Given these points, what do you think about the future of website design? How do you imagine your own perfect website as for a client and for the creator? Maybe you have already used some of the features, states in this article and have some opinion to share? In this case, don’t hesitate to leave all of your questions, suggestions and reviews below, in the comments field! Help us to become better for you!

Note: Few links in this article are affiliate links. 

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