Standout Tactics to Land in Top Search Results of Google

Getting listed in search results is the first thought that crosses your mind after designing a website and making it live. However, it would not be listed till the time Google spiders crawl and reach your website. But, only appearing on Google does not serves the purpose. Right! You want your content to be listed in top results so that it is read by the target audience.

With this, surfaces the concept of Search engine optimization. For a company or a person, to make his website a seek through place, it is absolutely necessary to operate inline with search algorithms. Hence, the bottom line is, with constantly evolving SEO it is essential for a marketer to keep check on certain key ingredients that affect search ranking of a website.

State of Search Marketing in 2015 [Infographic]

land top google search results

Source: JBH

1. Relative importance of search in driving traffic

Global search is increasing year-over-year, but the amount of traffic attracted by different industries and countries varies. Like: travel industry is most search dependent. It drives close to 50% of its yearly traffic through organic search. Shopping and finance industries are prioritized after travel industry.

So, the need of the hour is, if you are running a travel or a shopping business, you must have an optimized website to be a hit with your potential customers. Most travel websites demand for investment (paid search, advertisement) to show up in top search results.

2. Branded Vs. Unbranded

Generic search performed by users is extensively derived by search results that appear on Google. However, same is not true with branded search. (Traffic derived out of organic search with keywords that includes an organisation’s brand name). To know more about Google Analytics of branded and non branded PPC traffic read this.

In branded search the first result is always the brand’s website but, prominent links below the brands website also enjoy high Click Through Rate (CTR). If you are a brand, congratulations! you have more than 50% chance of converting your prospects into customers and increasing your search ranking.

Moreover, it is advised that branded keywords should be mixed well with generic content so that google crawlers comfortably recognize your site and new prospective users find it easy to discover.

3. Mobile Vs. Desktop search

The increase in mobile traffic has forced Google to revise its search algorithm again. Search activity of mobile users is off beat from that of desktop. It has been observed that CTR of mobile users is high for results appearing on 2nd and 3rd pages and is not restricted to only first few results. This doesn’t mean you don’t strive to appear on first page.

4. Content and site architecture

Content is the main ingredient of search result recipe. If you want people to connect to your site, you must have quality content, which people would love to read. All your efforts will go hollow in the absence of rich and useful content.

Appearance of the website and loading time also play a significant role in altering the search ranking. Read this to get notified for your site downtime.

5. Back links, Social signals and User behavior

Google spiders search for links of your website on Web. The more links you have the more importance is given to your website.

The new tactics used by Google to identify websites is through social signals. Earlier, much attention was not given to social signals as back-links derived highest amount of traffic. But, now, Google fetches data from social signals too. So, to grab distinct position in search results, make credible and authoritative people mention your website on social platforms.

Time on site and bounce rate also give signals to Google which are taken into calculation while showing search results. If your site has a high bounce rate it’s a Bad Luck. Thus, it is suggested you include inbound links in the article to make your readers stay at your site for longer portion of time.

Although SEO is Key to success, PPC should not be left untouched. It definitely increases your chances of listing high on Google search results and increase you CTR.

Hence, the state of search marketing is incredibly important along with organic and paid search. With this, don’t ignore mobile search, social signals and site architecture to get listed in top search of 2015.

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