10 unusually unique restaurants in india

10 Unusually unique restaurants in India

Food matters!

You must have visited many restaurants from the ones overlooking lush lawns to beautifully and brightly lighted roof tops and even rotating ones like Parikrama in new Delhi. But, aren’t you bored of these regular restaurants and eating joints? I am quite sure that each time you decide to dine out the first thing you inquire about or poll for is WHERE? All of us want some thing new and fresh everytime we say no to our home made healthy and nutritious food.

Here I have curated a list of 10 restaurants that are themed strangely and would surely give you a bizarre, unique and at the same time a brand new experience.

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Period Foods

What to and what not to eat during Periods

Periods for sure are the most awful days of a women. The natural process of shedding of uterine lining often causes mood swings, boalting, craving for junk, fatigue, diarrhea etc. However, eating right during those days of the month can help you to boost your energy level and relax your mood swings thus, leading to Happy Periods in literal sense.

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