Standout Tactics to Land in Top Search Results of Google

Getting listed in search results is the first thought that crosses your mind after designing a website and making it live. However, it would not be listed till the time Google spiders crawl and reach your website. But, only appearing on Google does not serves the purpose. Right! You want your content to be listed in top results so that it is read by the target audience. Continue reading “Standout Tactics to Land in Top Search Results of Google”

Important Things to Do with the Content Before Publishing

“Are you sure that your content is ready to be published?” This always is a big question before publishing any content. You spend a lot of time in making the content eye catching and engaging, but, it is disheartening, if despite of tremendous efforts you cannot attract enough readership for your carved content. Continue reading “Important Things to Do with the Content Before Publishing”

Understanding & Decreasing Website Bounce Rate – Infographic

Bounce Rate suggests you that your website is not sticky (not in literal sense) but, it does not grip readers. Readers often hit one page of the website and move to other websites without scrolling other pages. Isn’t that a concern? Of course it is. This infographic will help you identify ways to reduce your website’s bounce rate. Continue reading “Understanding & Decreasing Website Bounce Rate – Infographic”

On -Page_SEO_infographics

On-Page SEO Infographic

Internet is sweeping the world at a very fast pace. Even faster than electricity! So to remain competitive, it is important to focus on the technology called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You must be bothering what makes a website feature in top results displayed by Google. Don’t You? Here is the answer. In this post I thought to share some On-Page SEO techniques that help in increasing your Google page ranking and feature your website in top results. Continue reading “On-Page SEO Infographic”