crack social media

7 techniques to crack Social Media

As the use of smart technology is increasing,  the use of social media is also getting simple and easy. More and more people are spending a big chunk of their time online. This trend demands for using social media to market your content so that it stands apart, distinct & appeals to the right folks, thus engaging them with your campaign.

In today’s always turned on world, where 80% of an individual’s time is spent in browsing and on their phone, it is easier for individuals/businesses to use social media platform to attract people’s attention towards your business thereby, minting money. Using your Social media time wisely will help you cross obvious boundaries and gain maximum out of it.

crack social media

Social media is a rich source of leading traffic to your business only if it is used à propos. However, make a note not to use it as a distribution channel but as a storytelling platform.

Here are various techniques you can use on social sites and maximize your content marketing efforts. Using these techniques will help you –

  • Attract more audience
  • Reach out to maximum potential customers
  • Develop competitive advantage for your business, and
  • Finally receive more clicks/visits

Crack Social Media

1. Image thumbnails

Thumbnail images are often associated with a blog post while it is shared on social platforms. Facebook, one of the most popular social networking website has altered its initial settings and now the image associated with a post is larger than it used to be. Thus, I rest my case. This technique will help you gain people’s attention, eventually more popularity.

2. Photographs

It is rightly said that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words‘. If you are not using pictures to promote your writing, you are a step behind others. It has been scientifically proven that images and moving pictures have high recall values. Take and curate photographs on various social platforms like Instagram, Pintrest etc. to gain readership.

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3. Call to action button/image

Call to action buttons (find out more, connect now, Free download) should be used to engage with your audience. These buttons provoke prompt reaction from readers. Bloggers generally use call to action buttons to re-route reader to other posts or even display ads on there social page and make easy money. You can also use a CTA image to increase readership.

4. Pinned twitter tweets

This is the newest feature added to twitter. It allows account holders to pin the most relevant/important tweet to the top of your page, so it’s easy for your followers to see what you’re all about. This enhances your content marketing effort and reaps more result for your business.

5. Interlinking

Links should be established within and outside posts to attract social media audience. It is one of the most primitive, tested and effective tool to increase traffic to your social media platform.

6. Interactive post

It is highly recommended to include interactive posts while publishing content on social media. The posts should include a CTA button to interact with readers and persuade them to perform an action. It also helps create positive disposition towards your campaign. It gives the readers an opportunity to “touch” the product in some way.

7. Giving sneak-peeks

Social media platform can also be used to give insights to readers about upcoming product/news. This creates curiosity among reader and a sense of marketing glitz. It keeps the readers eyes rolling to your post; and in the anticipation they keep re-visiting your page for updates. Thus, these can be used to attract potential readers to subscribe to your page/blog/website.

The key to a good marketing campaign is to adopt and move. You may discover that some techniques are not working as well as you thought they would. Adapt quickly, think creatively and introduce new changes. Use these techniques to promote your content on Social media and go viral on social sites.

Happy Buzzing!!

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