This Rakshabandhan, campaigns that are not selling you Rakhis

With all e-commerce companies across the nation running numerous contests, campaigns and offers for Rakshabandhan to boost their own sales, there were a few that caught my attention. They focused on the core meaning of the festival, one where a man makes a woman feel protected, respected and empowered.

Limeroad, an e-commerce biggie sent a mail to all its registered users asking all the brothers to not spend plastic money on buying that gift for their sisters that would make them jump out of excitement, rather to gift them with something priceless – a sense of safety and security.

Open letter from LimeRoad

Read the original post here. This is so refreshing coming from an e-commerce company that is quite female focused and hence is perfectly suited to have pushed its marketing message to attract people to buy gifts for the festival. It instead chose to take a stand and influence in a more meaningful way.

Another interesting campaign is from Postergully, an e-commerce store that sells posters and other creative merchandise. They chose to do a campaign around breaking the stereotype of Rakshabandhan to be merely about strong brothers protecting weak sisters. They pledge you to take an oath on #SabKiRaakhi, ‘Taking responsibility for the safety of everyone around us’. More meaningful in today’s context, to say the least.

Another interesting campaign is by a social media startup, PostPickle which is asking all brothers “This Rakshabandhan, will you be able to give your sister the gift she deserves?”. The campaign that has caught the attention of many including Sr Bachchan himself is titled #ForASister asks people to stop using the common abuse word “B****c**d”. “I know your boss makes your life hell. But I’m her sister and have nothing to do with you”, the woman says.

You and I feel frustrated sometimes when people close to our hearts use this abuse word. It’s time to make a change, don’t you think so?

The media giant Star India is doing a celebrity studded campaign called #IamGirlRising focusing on gifting girls the gift of education. They also have shot a film “Woh Padhegi. Woh Udegi” that will be aptly aired tomorrow. I am sure you have already caught a glimpse of it since it’s been trending on Twitter in India. Anyways, here is one of the videos in case you haven’t seen it yet.

Who said campaigns have to be backed by celebrities to get noticed? There is also this awww-worthy story from MP of a thoughtful brother who saw his sister facing many troubles due to the unavailability of toilets in their village. Thus he started constructing a toilet for her last month and completed it right on time – as a Rakhi gift. Here’s more.

Rakhi gift: Toilet at home

Image Source: The Better India

These stories go on to say that there is more to Rakshabandhan than just tying a rakhi and gifting. This Rakshabandhan, ladies and gentlemen, let’s make the women around us feel protected, respected and empowered.

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