Tips to Follow while traveling in Foggy Weather

Tips to Follow while traveling in Foggy Weather

Travelling is always fun and fills oneself with tremendous energy. At the same time, traveling during winters is an absolute nightmare due to heavy fog hitting all types of modes, be it rail, road or air.

Many say the best resort is to avoid travelling during heavy fog, but what if it’s absolutely necessary to commute. What if you just can’t avoid that trip. Inquiry is what you should do. Check for real time fog updates via or and the similar domains for your city or state.

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Here are a few tips you should follow if you are travelling in foggy weather, and make your journey comfortable and lot more easier.

Quick tips for Air travelers

Air travel

If you have checked in to any of these airports don’t feel bad for waiting, after all these are jewels of the country. By the way here are the tips you should follow.

  1. Do not leave without making a query about your flight’s scheduled arrival or departure.
  2. During winters do not leave that mobile number column blank while making your air bookings. Since, this is used by airlines to send you an alert in case of delays and cancellation.
  3. Travel light (carry less luggage) to ease your journey.
  4. Book your taxi way before your boarding time and avoid last minute hassle.

Quick tips for Rail travelers

Rail Travel

Rail travel is all the more difficult during winters since the train speeds are confined to a certain limit to avoid any mishaps.

  1. You must check train schedules before leaving for railway stations. Thanks to the developers for designing national train inquiry system which made this quit handy.
  2. Do not assume that you will reach your destination on time and be prepared for delays.
  3. Carry dry food items like, biscuits, dry fruits, Namkeen keeping in mind the delays that may happen.
  4. Carry extra drinking water if you are travelling with kids.

Quick tips for Road travelers

Road travel

Travelling via road is the most used and at the same time most risky means to commute during the times of Fog.

  1. If you are driving in foggy weather keep your head lights on with low beam. This will give you a better view of the road and people ahead of you. Also, using high beam gets reflected and impairs vision. So avoid!
  2. Drive at a safe distance from the vehicles ahead.
  3. Drive on lessen speed and avoid overtaking until its escapable.
  4. Ensure breaks, tyres, windscreen wipers, battery and heating system are in working condition.
  5. Use central dividers or painted edges as a guide.

These simple tips will help you make your travel convenient and easier even during winters and you can enjoy your journey short or long.

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