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5 Reasons to use Tweetable Quotes

Doesn’t it hurt when your ideas, posts and campaign aren’t spreading. You expect a wild forest fire but many a times they are just not going anywhere.

tweetable quotes

The easiest and simplest way you can spread the message is by sharing it across social platforms. You want people to read and share your message or blog. There are of course social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, ads, print media, etc. But there is also a section of people who are too busy to target and engage easily. We know that a good headline helps in selling the post, but how do we make the content sellable and drive more traffic. The answer is simple “Tweetable quotes”.

Tweetable quotes are short, smart, valuable, catchy tweets that are easy to share on twitter from your posts

When people share your quotes they are spreading your message. You give your readers an easy smart phrase to copy to their twitter updates with just one click, making it super easy to share.

Why embed tweetable quotes

Here are top 5 reasons why embedded tweetable quotes are essential for a successful marketing and promotional campaign.

1. Create a twitter presence

Twitter is a great platform to showcase your best content. It’s an entry to new set of audience. Helps drive potential readers/business.

2. Use Tweets to publicize and promote

Create campaigns that accelerate your reach and drive more sales. Promotions using tweetable quotes are a great way to publicize and increase sales online.

Tip: You can start with tweeting about when your campaign starts. Retweets, hashtags, countdowns help create excitement and gain visibility. Optimize your message and approach for short-form content.

3. Increase tweet engagement

Create engaging twitter experience for users. Engage with audience more directly. Using Tweetable quotes you are actually requesting your readers to tweet. Follow up with related tweets and retweet positive mentions. This helps in active engagement. This way they also take actions that provide value and drive sales.

4. Grow your follower base

This helps build relationship with customers, clients and partners. Your followers and fans spread word of mouth recommendations. Multiple this with the followers they attract.

5. Helps drive website clicks and conversions

Extend your reach by seamlessly bringing users to your website. This indirectly helps creating awareness for your twitter account, making it easy to follow your website and business.

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  1. Nice post, Shilpi! Yeah, tweetable quotes really help boost your twitter presence and increases shares. We have designed a WordPress plugin for that : TweetShare – Click To Tweet. Would love to know what you think about it!

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