Say_Hello _to_Twitter Hearts_

Say “hello” to #Twitter hearts

Hello _Twitter Hearts__

You all must have noticed that Twitter has changed one of its most unique feature to favorite a tweet via stars.

Stars being replaced by hearts

On Tuesday Twitter announced “We hope you like what you see on Twitter and Vine today: hearts!” This was one of the greatest moves taken by the company. Twitter Hearts or Likes would work more or less the same way as favourites did. All your favorites icons and feeds have been converted to likes. You haven’t observed it yet? check your account this very moment.

The company reveals that the change is made to enrich user experience and make Twitter more easier and rewarding. The symbol of heart is more expressive and helps convey many emotions. On the other hand, the star symbol can confuse new users.

Twitter hearts are not loved as stars

Although the company said that in their tests they found people loving hearts more than stars but the change, doesn’t seems to be working as good as stars did.

Favourites can’t be replaced by like nor can hearts replace stars. Favourating something or putting a star convey messages like “you are good” or ” I agree” or may be “you are great” but on the contrary, heart means “I loved it” or ” I like it”. Its like a warm feeling one experiece while seeing a loved one or extraordinarily delicious food. Its just a mush!

Although Twitter’s changed the icon for obvious reasons but it doesn’t seems to be customer-friendly. The impact of this heart attack can be seen in the tweets of people embedded below.

Many more similar tweets can be observed on Twitter. If you want to check more search #TwitterHeart.

Here’s the way to bring stars back

As the introduction of hearts in place of stars was very quick same is with the Chrome Extension.

Yes! you are getting it right. Google crome has rolled out an extension called Fav Forever that will bring your all time favorites stars back on twitter. So if you don’t like the heart and want your star back just install Fav Forever and enjoy your twitter traversing the way you used to. The limitations to the extension does not allow you to change the appearance the tweets outside twitter but, itis great if you are not happy with the update.

Over to you

That was all I have for you. if you have anything to add comment section is all yours. Also let us know how you feel about the change.

Happy Tweeting.

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