Unavoidable tips to Avoid Social Media Mishaps

Unavoidable tips to avoid Social Media mishaps

Maintaining a social profile and a public page for companies, establishments and businesses is not an easy job. Its not always about promotion and selling. Sometimes the stint puts you in a deep spot where matters need to be dealt with sensitivity. A bad judgement call or insensitive remark can cause furor over the internet causing irreparable damage to both the company and brand.

Here are a few tips to avoid such social media mishaps and save yourself from traps and falls and build a deep trust and faith for the brand.

1) Ignoring the problem

Ignoring Problem_Social Media Mishap

Running away from your problems is a race you will never win.

Sometimes sitting low, with head covered may seem like the ideal solution to a problem, wishing that the problem will go away soon. But its not. Facebook and twitter are real time channels and demands response. When you choose to response and acknowledge the problem, it builds credibility for the brand.

2) Admitting your mistakes

Admit your Mistake_Social media mishap

Admitting your weakness does not diminish your strength: It shows your courage

Sometimes you may be tempted to not admit your fault. Without admitting your mistakes, you admit that you will repeat it again in the future. This can damage your repute. Take the high road, apologize when one is due, address the problem,  admit your mistake and promise to act and rectify it soon.

3) Closing the Page/twitter account

Closing the page_Social Media Mishap

Downing the shutters and closing the page or twitter account may seem the easiest escape route, but social media is unforgiving of such crimes. It casts your business in a negative light. Print media, magazines and press may pick up your story and gives them a chance to exaggerate the story all the more. It may become one of your worst dreams. Try instead to bring things to a closure. People are compelling to forgive if you apologize and make up for it. It builds and concertizes faith in the brand and the company.

4) Never insult your customers/critics

Never Insult Customer_Social media Mishaps

Never insult your customers, however frustrating a complaint(or review) may be. Count to a hundred, let the anger settle. Do the right thing, appreciate the constructive and ignore the destructive. Criticism should be seen as an opportunity to improve. If it is untrue, disregard it; unfair, keep away from irritation; if it is ignorant, smile; but if it is justified learn from it. If you must reply, sandwich it between two heavy layers of praise.

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