A unique gift idea for you and him this Valentine

A unique idea gift for you and him this Valentines

Every year on Valentine day many people exchange cards, gifts, flowers etc. The decision of buying a gift on 14th Feb is always tiresome. Isn’t it? We all think to celebrate this day differently but end up with the regular monotonous party or dine out. This year we thought to share with you a unique DIY gift for your loved one. Get set go!

So in this season of love, surprise your loved ones with a wall painting.

Wall painting isn’t it crazy??? What are you talking? Hey! I am not an artist. How can I do this? Boom….Easy easy, don’t think much, follow the below steps and carve your love on your walls.

It’s very easy, all you need is patience and you’ll experience the feeling of achievement once you are done. Your partner will surely love this gift of yours.

4 step guide to surprise your partner this Valentine

Step 1

To start off, all you need is a design pattern. You will find plenty of them on internet but, choose them wisely so they look good on your walls and fulfill your requirement.

Once you have selected the design, gather following stuff and you will be ready to sail in the boat of creativity.


  1. Card sheet: hard one to make stencils
  2. Scissor
  3. Acrylic paints
  4. Chalk or Pencil
  5. Rubber
  6. Lights

Step 2

Valentine 2

Once you have zeroed the design, choose that corner of wall where you want to engrave the design, since you are doing this for your partner keep his/her preference in mind while choosing.

Step 3


This step requires your patience and concentration. After you are done with selecting the design and that corner of wall, find out the patterns that are common. For reference on the above design there are 3 different patterns- flowers, stem and birds.

Draw these patterns on a card sheet you have already acquired and make the stencil out of it. For a perfect picture you can take the print of your pattern and past them on card sheets to make perfect stencils.

Step 4

Valentine_final art

You have conquered half the battle. Left is the most happening part, drawing and coloring! First draw the design with pencil/ chalk, Make sure you keep the outline light. At this point your enthusiasm will reach to the highest level but, wait do not rush. To showcase your love you need to choose colors quite intelligently. Try picking contrasting colors ¬¬matching your curtains and furniture and demonstrates your feeling towards your partner as well. Fill the colors with the help of stencils; however, it is not necessary that every time stencils are helpful.

Whether you should use stencil or not mainly depends on the design you have picked.

Yes it all done now such simple steps and your wall painting is ready for your valentine.

Quick last tips to add the extra Love

Decorate your wall painting with lights or colorful papers of different shapes. You can also add your pictures as a piece of decor. To add that last drop of romance draw or stick some hearts shapes.

Did you find this tip helpful? Do share your experience in the comment section or you can ping me if you need any suggestions or further help.

Happy Valentines!

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