10 unusually unique restaurants in india

10 Unusually unique restaurants in India

Food matters!

You must have visited many restaurants from the ones overlooking lush lawns to beautifully and brightly lighted roof tops and even rotating ones like Parikrama in new Delhi. But, aren’t you bored of these regular restaurants and eating joints? I am quite sure that each time you decide to dine out the first thing you inquire about or poll for is WHERE? All of us want some thing new and fresh everytime we say no to our home made healthy and nutritious food.

Here I have curated a list of 10 restaurants that are themed strangely and would surely give you a bizarre, unique and at the same time a brand new experience.

1. Hijackk Restaurant, Ahmedabad


A moving restaurant started by Moistclay media is one of its kind in India. The restaurant offer meals to its customers while taking them on Ahmedabad tour, that lasts for couple of hours. This fully air conditioned bus travels through different picturesque venues and treats you with mouthwatering food. Eating at this place would surely be a unique experience. Their tag line reads “When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

2. 21 Fahrenheit, Mumbai

21 Fahrenheit

Fully air conditioned place serving hot food is what we all have enjoyed many a times. But what about a restaurant made up of ice, serving you delicious food choices. Yes, 21 Fahrenheit, in Andheri, Mumbai has bought Ice-bar concept to India. Curtains to glasses everything is made up of ice. The restaurant provides insulated gloves, jackets and boots to their guest so that they can enjoy their meal with a cozy feel. Definitely a must visit place while in Mumbai.

3. Taste of Darkness,Hyderabad

Taste of Darkness

The city of pearls, has this uniquely strange restaurant allowing you to peek into the life of visually impaired people. The entire restaurant is absolutely dark and you cannot see but experience things and food as blind people do. The park and the shaking bridge adds to the rich experience of customers visiting this place.

4. NASA, Bangalore


A Pub themed around NASA, glittering neon lights, staff in spacesuits and images of earth from orbit through port windows gives you an experience of being in space. Even the legs of table are of rocket shape to give the place an authentic space look and feel in and out.

5. New lucky restaurant, Ahmedabad

New Lucky Restaurant

How about enjoying a cup of tea and snacks in a Graveyard? You must be thinking have I lost it? But there is a place which offers you such an experience of eating among dead.

Mr. Krishnan Kutti have made this a reality by setting up a restaurant on the graveyard. Not just this, he has designed the restaurant around the graves. The walls of the restaurant are glorified with spectacular paintings of M.F. Hussain, adding a place on your go to list.

6. Firangi Dhaba, Mumbai


Image Credit – Ruchika Vyas

Eating in a gracefully colored and designed Auto-rikshaw is one thing every food lover should try in India. Firangi dhaba of Mumbai has a theme including fine dining auto-rikshaws, making their ambience unusual yet appealing for its customers. The place offers delicious finger licking food and an authentic experience of enjoying your meal in a DHABA.

7. Natures toilet Cafe, Ahmedabad

Nature's Toilet Cafe

This is a first ever toilet themed restaurant of India where you eat while sitting on a cupboard. This unique toilet cafe has a park housing 20 lavatories and urinals dating back to 1950’s. The concept where the owners have taken the idea of building more toilets too seriously, makes the place a must visit to experience something new.

8. Veli lake floating Restaurant, Trivandrum

Floating Restaurant

At Veli lake, the main attraction for tourists is this floating restaurant offering delicious cuisine to its visitors. Enchanting nature and floating bridges make the experience all the more memorable and adoring. The Veli beach also offers activities like horse riding, boating and nature walk to the tourists.

9. The bar stock exchange, Mumbai

The bar stock Exchange

The pub incorporates the concept of our very own stock market to price its drinks. More popular the drink, higher it is priced. However, you can buy the drink as low as its cost price when the market opens “pub opens” and during Zero hours. Surely great business minds must be involved in incorporating such a concept at a restaurant.

10. Bob Dylan’s Cafe, Manali

Bob Dylan's Cafe

Located in the heart of Manali, it is a unique cafe offering delicious coffee and world famous cookies. Not only this, the place also has a theater and you can watch the movie of your choice at no extra cost. Isn’t that amazing? To add to your snacking experience they also play songs of Bob Dylan. The cafe also help its customers find lodging, transportation and organize adventure tours to make their trip all the more exciting and enjoyable.

These 10 eating joints do serve you the food as others but, the experience of eating at these places is surely unique and new, the one you have not had before. Do let us know about your first hand experience at any of these unusually unique places.

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