Google Duo

The next big thing everyone would want… Video Calling App from Google- DUO

Phone calls have been taken over by Video calls but, most of the time the experience is awful due to Voice lag or bad picture quality or bad connection and we finally end up making a regular phone call. All this hassle will now gone after Google introducing a simple One-to-One video calling app available for both Android and iOS users. Yeah!!

Google’s DUO as it is called, will take off the complexity linked with video calling. The users of the app say it is fast, easy to use and free from all the hassles that are perceived to be a part of video calling. All you have to do is tap on the person’s face and you are in conversation with him.

This explicitly phone app is designed so flawlessly that none of its users would say Google has not done its Homework well.

How Does DUO work

Once you download and signup for the app it will check your phone numbers and send a verification text. That’s All. Amazing!!

No need to create an account, link contacts, create friends list etc.. it directly retrieves contact details from your contact list and you are all set to call.

Nick Fox, VP Google communication’s says the Duo’s design is radically simple and focused only on mobiles.

“We thought ‘amazing on mobile, nothing on desktop’ was the better approach.”

Features of Duo

1. Reliable and Fast

Duo has been designed to quickly connect and offer good quality calls even with slow networks. It gracefully plays with the resolution of picture in order to adjust with altering bandwidths. It will switch from Wifi to cellular Network automatically without dropping call if you move out of WiFi coverage. Simply Reliable!

2. User friendly Interface

It is simple from Hello to Bye bye. Single tap on the persons name and you are all set to communicate face to face.

3. Knock Knock

When you get a video call on your Android phone (iOS users cant enjoy this feature as of now) the screen starts showing the live video of the caller even before the call is answered, thus allowing you to see who is calling. Hence, it is an invitation rather an interruption, making video calling spontaneous and welcoming.

Duo has already been rolled out for both Android and iOS and would be functional in next few days. Get set to wave your friends and family with DUO.

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