Wearable Devices- The Next Big thing

Wearable Devices – The Next Big Thing

Technology has entered into that phase of its life-cycle,  where it is no more restricted to be used by scientists or highly skilled professionals or techies. These days minimal computer literates and even college scholars are making use of technology to its fullest and in the good way.

One of the very example of such constructive use of technology is wearable technology. Emergence of wearable technology has narrowed the gap and hence inter-weaved technology with common men. As a result, you can see the application of wearable technology in watches, sports equipment, and health devices to name a few.

The demand for wearable devices is increasing at a tremendous rate. A very recent news piece says that worlds largest wearable company Fitbit is entering Indian market where the technology is still in its budding phase, unlike the United States.

It has also been projected that the wearable devices market will worth 12.6 billion US dollars by 2018.

Wearables that will make you Fit

1. YUFit

yufit_Wearable device

YUFit is a fitness tracking band launched by a subsidiary of Micromax, Yu Teleadventures. The device tracks steps, sleep, calories burnt, and distance traveled. It can be connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth technology and the app YUFit reveals the fitness statistics.

This water resistant wrist band also notifies one about incoming call and messages on the connected device. The bonus feature attached to this wearable device is ” Find my phone” button.

2. AiQ Smart Clothing

AIQ_Wearable device

AiQ Smart Clothing has managed to blend fashion and technology together and have successfully manufactured wearables that facilitates people to remain fit and healthy. The wearables offered by this company includes Gloves, Lighting clothes (NeonMan), Heating Garments, Bio-monitoring Clothes (BioMan), Anti-radiation Clothes(Shield Man).

BioMan t-shirts helps in monitoring heart rate, skin moisture, respiration rate etc. Anti-radiation clothes protects one from radiations without compromising on comfort.

3. Moticon

moticon insole_Wearable device

Moticon offers a Sensor Insole which measures weight, motion, pressure distribution and balance of the body. The device can be controlled by PC and offers 3 distinct operation modes (Live, Recording and sleep). This handy insole is highly used by patients and athletes. It is available in 5 double sizes and comes with cleanable and exchangeable top layer.

4. Google Smart contact lens

Google Smart Lens_ Wearable Device

Google smart contact lens have been designed to help diabetics to forego the regular blood test to check their blood sugar level. The contact lens will take the sample of tears and would diagnose the blood sugar level. The company also believes that this product will be an option for people using glasses and regular contact lenses. This Smart contact lens technology is developed by “Google X” who have introduced Self driving cars, and Google glasses.

5. Quell

Quell_Wearable device

Quell is a knee brace type device designed by Quell Relief. This adjustable, breathing sports band is designed to give complete pain relief during day as well as night. Once charged it can relieve you from pain for around 40 hrs. The device uses Bluetooth technology to connect to an iOS app. This game changer wearable device will definitely change health industry. The product is supposed to be in the market in spring 2015.

6. SmartStop

smart-stop_Wearable device

This smart wearable device is designed by Chrono therapeutics. The device is intended at helping people to quit smoking. This adaptable, empowering and intelligent device senses nicotine craving of an individual and assists with necessary medication. The companion app of the device has algorithms to give personalized digital coaching to an individual and helps in handling behavioral quitting aspects. The release date of the device is still not disclosed.

7. Health’s iTBra

iTBra_Wearable device

This smart iTBra is designed by Cyrcadia. The bra is able to keep a track of breast health and thereby helps in diagnosing breast cancer at treatable stages. The comfortable breast patches included in the bra monitors temperature changes in breast cells and detect any abnormal temperature changes or other cellular activity to determine the breast health. The device can be worn anywhere, anytime. This crowed funded project has be tested on 500 plus patients and has delivered 87% success rate.

8. Lumobacklumo belt_wearable device

Lumoback is a wearable belt introduced in the market by lumobodytech.com. The belt reminds you to sit, stand and walk straight. This smart belt vibrates every time one slouch and signal to sit in an upright posture. The device is compatible with iPhone’s, iPad’s, Bluetooth 4.0, Windows 7 or the latest technologies. The companion app of the belts gives you a brief summary of the posture and activity throughout the day. Apart from belt other wearable devices such as Lumo lift and clasps are also offered by the company.

9. Sensoria Socks

Sensoria socks_wearble device

Sensoria socks is yet another wearable that helps you keep fit. These smart socks monitor your running and help you avoid injuries prone to running style. The socks come with textile sensors, that keep you informed when you are striking with heel or ball of your feet, thereby monitoring your foot landing technique. The mobile app helps you see your foot heat map as well. The real time feedback helps you avoid run related injuries.

These wearable devices will certainly be the game changers in years to come and will would keep you fit and healthy.

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