Weird waters From infused to Fat

Weird Waters – from Infused to Fat

Water resources on the planet have become so limited that companies have started innovating by making different kinds of water. It all started with flavoured water to introduce new products in the market and since then there has been no full stop to the trend. More and more companies are entering into this space and inventing different kinds of water to offer to their customers.

Is there any need to complicate water that way? So why is this trending these days?

If you are someone who believe that whole point of water is its being plain, simple and uncomplicated then I am sorry, this probably is bad news for you. Your simple plain water is being infused with different ingredients to make it taste different and unique. On the contrary if you are someone who is looking for alternatives of all those fizzy drinks these could be of great help to you.

6 weird waters I am sure you have not tasted yet

1. Collagen Water

Collagen water_Weird water


Its more of a beauty product than a drink and is believed to fulfill the desire of a women to look and feel beautiful. Collagen water is a blend of purified water and nutri-cosmetic (Collagen). The collagen technology gives importance to health and general well-being of an individual along with making them feel youthful. You can enjoy the collagen water in 4 different flavors blueberry, coconut & peppermint, tropical and simple mineral water.

2. Black Water

black water_Weird waters

Black and water? Yes. Pure water infused with Fulvic minerals is what is known as Black water. Brands like trace and Blk manufacture this fancy colored mineral water which is free of sugar, carbohydrates and calories. The color black is generally associated with dirt and impurities but, black water profess to be healthy and appropriate for human consumption with many health claims.

3. Fat Water

Fat water_Weird Waters

Another similar product capturing the market is FAT water. Its plain water mixed with fats, sugar and flavors to create a complicated form of water competing with beverages like sugary coconut water and other energy drinks. Dave Asprey, the creator of Fat water claims the hydration is so effective that one can feel it. Do you have any idea how effective hydration feels like? Have a sip of it, May be you’ll get the answer. May be!

4. Tree Water

Tree water_Weird Water

This is a complete health drink that helps treat liver diseases, headache, flu, dandruff and even flush out toxins from the body. Tree water is mainly extracted from Birch trees and is not a new idea but commercializing it, is. This rehydrating drink is widely used in Eastern Europe, parts of Northern China and Russia. Read this for more details.

5. Melted water

Melt water_Weird water

Have you ever thought of bottled ice cubes? Here it is, melted water formed by forming and subsequently melting glaciers. To know the entire process and technology check this out. This natural bottled formula helps revitalize the body and accelerates its mechanisms.

6. Bamboo Water

bamboo water_weird waters

Yes, you are thinking it right, its made from the same bamboo that Pandas eat. When the natural water is spiked with bamboo extract and sugar, what we get in return is Bamboo water. People who have tasted the water say “it tastes like green tea”. Bamboo beverages, the only company to manufacture bamboo water feels the panda food can become Next Coconut Water. What do you think?

This list of weird waters will be a tonic to those struggling hard to beat their energy drink addition. Others, who love non complicated simple taste of water do let us know how you feel about these supplements.

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