15 Extraordinary world records set by Indians

15 Extraodinary World Records set by Indians

Guinness Book of world record, the best selling book is full of bizarre, weird, extraordinary, record breaking stories. The book contains literally big stories built around all type of, superlative, bubbling, and at the same time exclusive, records achieved by people all over the globe. From such a great collection of records we have pulled out 15 extraordinary ones registered in the name of Indians.

1. Largest number of participants and the most number of participating nationalities in any public event

International Yoga Day

Its not about food nor drinks, neither it is about longest mustache or largest ear hairs but, largest people gathering. Most  amazing display of country’s population. Isn’t it? Very recently on June 21, on International Yoga Day, we set two world records. Participation of as many as 35,985 people in a yoga ceremony making it the largest yoga class. Also, we managed to collaborate most number of participating nationalities i.e 84 nations in any such event. Amazing!

Despite of breaking two records we could not appear in the Guinness book till September 2016, since the deadline for this year’s book has already passed.

2. Youngest professional artist

Youngest professional artist

Talented people are seen in every corner of our country even in mothers womb. Remember Abhimanyu from Mahabharata, who learned the war skills there itself. Similar is the story of this little artist Arushi Bhatnagar who has been recognized as youngest professional artist. She has been painting from a very early age of 4 months and has made 3000+ painting till date. Truly a blessed child.

She is  so talented that her solo painting exhibition with 52 paintings was showcased at kalidas Akademi, Ujjain at the mere age of 11 months. Really! I mean can a baby of 11 months paint? Incredibly Awesome.

3. Largest Bollywood Dance

Popular dance show “Dance India Dance” with grand-master Mithun Chakraborty has also made to Guinness book of world  records because of largest number of Bollywood dance performed by 4,428 people. Among 4,428 people gathered to showcase their talent, majority were school students.

Young nation Young talent!

4. Largest paint Brush

Largest paint Brush

Indians are seriously crazy for making records. Sujit Das, an Indian artist has registered a world record in his name for building the largest paint brush. One wonders what was going through his mind. The brush made by him measures 8.5m in length, 1.3m in diameter at its maximum width, and is 22 kg in weight. Huge piece of architecture.

Above all, the brush was even used to design the portraits of Mahatma Gandhi, Sahid Bhagat Singh and Bisnu Prasad roha.

5. Largest Soap Mosaic

Soap mosaic

Mosaic of soap! How hygienic.

Students of IIM Indore decided to set a clean world record by making largest soap mosaic. The mosaic measures 97.72 sq. mt. and was made using 20,382 soap bars. The Idea behind making such Mosaic is to spread a message that washing hands can prevent children from many diseases. To add more authenticity to the event, the soaps were later distributed in the nearby village by an NGO.

6. Most trees planted in 12 hours(team) – multiple locations

This record of planting most trees is in the bucket of Forest Department, Government of Madhya Pradesh (India). The record was set on 27th July 2014 by planting 14,372,801 trees in 9,272 locations in Madhya Pradesh.

A contributory step towards Clean India Green India.

7. Shortest Living Women

shortest women

Small Wonder of India, Jyoti Amge born on 16 Dec 1993 is the shortest mobile (living) women on the earth. She measures just 62.8cm and lives in Nagpur.

8. Largest Human National Flag

Largest human National Flag

43,830 participants were involved in making this largest Indian flag in Chennai on 7 Dec 2014 and broke the earlier record set by sports club of Lahore, Pakistan. “The record is one of its kind in independent India and was aimed at infusing nationalism in present generation”.

9. Most instruments used in a piece of music

315 different and unique instruments were used by Rupam Sarmah and his team while performing a symphony at Jorhat Sports Complex, Assam. A huge gathering of 476 musicians performed the symphony that lasts for half an hour.

A true piece of talent and cooperation.

10. Longest number sequence memorized in one minute (binary)


Aravind Pasupathy memorized the longest binary sequence of 270 digits in one minute at the Kasthuri Sreenivasan Trust in Coimbatore on 3 April 2015. He developed the interest in memorizing techniques while determining the ways to make his classes more interesting and engaging for his students.

11. Farthest light bulb throw


Harshvardhan Gupta got a record listed under his name by throwing a light bulb as far as 33.51m at Shop-In Park Mall, Delhi on july 1 2014. Really! is this what he wished to be known for? May be you can grab a tube-light and break this one.

12. Most hugs by an individual in an Hour

most hugs in aan hour

Jayasimha Ravirala hugged 2,436 people in an hour to set this world record in his name and was successful in his attempt. Seriously anything can happen in India. The record was registered under his name on 29th september 2012 at the Aditya Institute of Technology and Management, Andhra Pradesh.

13. Longest distance riding backwards on a motorcycle

Mr. Dipayan Choudhury of Jabalpur rode for 202 km backward on a motorcycle and has registered this record under his name on 7th october 2014.

14. Fastest spelling backwards of 50 words


India is full of extravagant people with talented mind and body.

Do you know we also have a world record of fastest spelling backwards? Yes! Shishir Hathwar at the Press Club of Bangalore has made the nation proud by spelling 50 words backwards in 1 minute 22.53 seconds. He spelled 20, 6-letter words; 15, 7-letter words and 15, 8-letter words in the given time frame. What a talented mind.

15. Fastest time to type using the nose

Fastest typing using nose

On 22 December 2014, another Indian Vinod Kumar Chaudhary grabbed a world record of typing the prescribed 103 character text on a keyboard using his nose in merely 46.30 seconds. The sentenced typed by him – “Guinness world records have challenged me to type this sentence using my nose in the fastest time”.

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