Write! – an Elegant and Systematic writing app

Writing is not always easy specially if you are working from home like me, and have kids playing around. You don’t know when you have to drop your laptop’s flap down, or your kid presses a key and boom, all your hard work is deleted.

Thank God there are now softwares and tools available that help you stay organized, focused and keep your work intact. Among the many available in market, Write! is pretty simple and allow you a perfect platform for distraction free writing with a clean canvas, full-screen view and other must have features like spell-check, auto-compete etc. This downloadable software is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux as well. Darker and lighter modes allow you to change in appearance as per your liking. Availability of keyboard shortcuts saves much of your time while you are writing using Write!.

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Switching themes

Apart from markdown support, Write! also offers you with the options to checking Google, surfing Wikipedia and finding synonyms and antonyms using Thesaurus. You can also translate words to different languages at the same time by just doing right click on the word and choosing appropriate option.

Focus Mode

Focus is also an appealing feature that brightens ups the para you are working upon and dimming everything else leading to grabbing attention. Sharing the content on Medium.com or Write! space is also one of the smart feature this app offer to its users.

Importing and Exporting files from different locations make this app very handy. While working on Write! you don’t have to worry about saving your work, since it automatically does that for you. Signing up into Write! account give access to it for saving your work online so that you can use it anytime anywhere irrespective of the device.

Write! also gives you the facility of saving the session similar to the sessions you save on browsers. All-in-all it is a complete package that makes your work less tedious, more interesting and less time consuming.

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